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What is Ecdysterone

So what are your goals? For some it is improving their athletic performance, burn away those love handles, build lean muscle tissue, and for others improving their overall health. We know that it does take working out to achieve our results though we want some help to make our results go faster. You have probably heard about sport supplements like prohormones, creatine, protein powders, and vitamins.

Each one of these products plays a vital role in improving an aspect of your health, fitness, or performance in some capacity. Especially, with all the attention from Congress and Major League Baseball, you have heard about steroids, and the negative side effects associated with them. If you though you knew what supplements can do than you don't know anything now. Ecdysterone is an exceptionally potent compound that has been researched and studied in clinical trials for some time. The best part of ecdysterone is that through all the research there hasn't been one negative side effect found. That is right zero negative side effects.

Ecdysterone is rapidly becoming the supplement of choice for health enthusiast, fitness competitors, and bodybuilders. What is Ecdysterone? The technical name for ecdysterone is 20-hydroxyecdysterone with common names of ecdisten, ecdysone, isoinokosterone, and ecdysterone. It was first discovered with insects who require it for survival as part of their own growth hormone.

Ecdysterone doesn't come from insects; it comes from the herbs rhaponticum/ leuzeae and cyanotis vaga which are all natural. The biggest issue until now for ecdysterone is that their was no way to extract it into a usable and viable form. Now, with the latest in extraction technology, Scifit has found a way to extract it at a 97% standardization.

This exceptionally high potency makes it possible now to get the health and muscle mass benefits for ecdysterone in a supplement. There has been over 50 research studies on the effects of ecdysterone. Ecdysterone in clinical trials has been shown to improve almost every physiological function with producing any negative side effects. Within 10 days people have achieve muscle mass gains of 6-7%. That is right just 10 days.

Not only that, subjects lower their body fat in those same ten days. Ecdysterone has become the perfect fat loss and muscle mass building supplement on the market. SciFit's Ecdysterone 300 is the only ecdysterone supplement to be in an useable form. Ecdysterone has been demonstrated to increase muscle tissue by 6-7% in just 10 days. Copyright (c) 2008 Charles Carter.

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What is Ecdysterone - Ecdysterone is an exceptionally potent compound that has been researched and studied in clinical trials for some tim.