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by Dr. Michael L. Johnson

Insomnia and fatigue are two sides of the same coin: if a person is unable to sleep at night, they are usually fatigued during the day. However, some people get eight to 12 hours of sleep a night and still have fatigue.


Sleep Apnea - Symptoms and Types
by Tony McGlinn

Sleep apnea is a disorder experienced by many people in our community. Some estimates put the figure as high as 10%. The symptoms of sleep apnea include loud snoring, waking up often during the night, being excessively tired, being irritable, and experiencing depression during the day. The word apnea means without rest.


Sleeping Pills - An Effective Alternative
by Donald Saunders

Overcoming insomnia is a journey - and, as you may have discovered, it can also be a matter of trial and response. Undertaken systematically overcoming insomnia and getting a good night's sleep is an ultimately rewarding process. But, if you've already made basic changes to your diet and sleep routine, and you've tried specific techniques for reducing stress and improving the quality of your sleep, you may be tempted to turn to artificial sleep aids like sleeping pills.